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Coal, Iron & Steel Industry Raw Materials

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Coal, coke and ore transports


Our sector experts have developed an international full-service logistics package for the transportation of iron ore, coal, coke, ore and other raw materials used in the coal, iron and steel industry. We pay special attention to the respective local requirements and specific loading and unloading conditions. Before carrying out a transport we select the appropriate rail wagon – for example class Fa or class Ea wagons. For bulk cargo we provide modern class Ta wagons. We are able to react to the fast-changing nature of this market segment by offering additional, flexible alternative transport technologies for bulk goods.

As a full-service logistics provider we offer – over and above rail transport – a complete range of freight forwarding services.

What we offer

  • Transport logistics with route planning
  • Block train transports
  • Selection and disposition of suitable rolling stock
  • Transhipment in the ports resp. between wide and normal gauge
  • Organisation of post-carriage
  • Storage

In so doing we optimise the use of different modes of transport – for example by arranging the transition between the rail, as the main means of transport, and the truck or ship. This enables us to provide our customers with a complete logistics service that meets their requirements in full.